You will… And I will…
STEP 1 Send me an email at expressing interest, including your name, the name of your spouse or other partner, and how you are a first responder or a member of the medical profession.  
STEP 2   I will reply with my whitepaper “Will or Trust – What do I need”. In addition, I will offer to prepare whatever estate planning documents you need, and let you decide what my fee should be.
STEP 3 To accept the offer, you will need to provide me with your address and contact information. Since I am licensed in Indiana and Missouri, this offer is only open to residents of these States .  
STEP 4   I will provide you with another white paper describing the various estate planning documents you should consider and discuss over the telephone your options and questions.
STEP 5 Select the package of documents you would like me to prepare and the fee you think is appropriate.  
STEP 6   I will provide you with a workbook that you will need to complete.
STEP 7 Complete and return the workbook providing all the information I need to prepare the documents.  
STEP 8   Prepare documents as discussed. I will send the completed documents to you and instructions for execution.
STEP 9 Pay me the amount you decided was fair in STEP 5 and execute the documents as described in the instructions.