Helping first responders and healthcare workers prepare for life’s events

What’s the best way to keep it from raining when rain is in the forecast? You wear your raincoat and take an umbrella with you. It doesn’t work every time, but if it doesn’t, you have minimized the effect of the precipitation. You have “been prepared.”

A lot of people put off estate planning because it isn’t a fun topic to deal with. Others either can’t afford the costs or see the value of it. My “Be Prepared Program” eliminates these deterrents and provides planning and asset protection for first responders and members of the medical profession.

You balance what my services are worth with what you can afford and decide what you will pay. And we can complete the entire process virtually.

You might wonder why I would do something like this.

First responders and members of the medical profession at risk are putting a lot on the line in order to both help and protect the rest of us from the Coronavirus and COVID-19. I have decided I would like to try to pay back the efforts expended and risks undertaken by these unsung heroes. Merely saying thanks and cheering them on isn’t nearly enough. I personally think there isn’t enough money in the US to financially reward them, much less in my bank account. I have come up with something I can do and I call it the “Be Prepared Program.”

If you would like to get started and are a Missouri or Indiana resident, email me at If you would like to learn about the process from end to end, check out How will this work?